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优质、经济和专业的清洁服务. 这就是我们所提供的,以满足您的需要!

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几千年来, it has been a tradition to treat carpets the fullest and to apply the best cleaning techniques. 地毯生产商建议用手洗地毯. 技术在进步,但仍在进步, 你的地毯需要按传统方式处理,以保持它们的美观. 手洗地毯是保持地毯光亮和安全的最有效的方法.

我们知道地毯是你家庭的一部分, and we also know that you would like to give them the best treatment at the best price. 这就是为什么我们, 澳门壹号游戏app, 不使用任何非有机或非东方地毯的化学品. You can let our professionally trained and caring team handle your rugs while you relax.

Your rugs will have longer lives and shinier looks after our hand washing procedures.

有时,即使是含有强化学物质的高压热水也不起作用. 当污渍在你的地毯上已经有一段时间时,这种情况更常见. 这就是我们要做的,提供我们的 区域地毯清洁服务, which involves washing the rug by hand and with the help of strong yet high quality natural products. 此外, 这个过程也需要更多的时间, 与一般的地毯清洁相比,保养和费用. We will deep clean your rug with the most advanced equipment and Eco-friendly methods, 这也使我们成为您高效安全服务需求的完美匹配. 我们是为你而来的,我们对预算很友好!


  1. 我们将从您所在的位置取地毯.
  2. 闪亮地毯技术人员将分析您的地毯.
  3. After the rug(s) has been taken back to our warehouse, it will be scrubbed with special rug shampoo.
  4. 在地毯上使用橡胶清洁刷。.
  5. 最后清洗一下.
  6. 地毯防护应用于您的地毯上.
  7. 您的地毯将在恒温室内烘干. (这是过程中最重要的步骤之一).
  8. 在地毯清洁和干燥后,它将被送回给顾客.








清洁人员准时到达, 考虑到我是那天早上才预约的,这让我印象深刻. 他们真的很专业,工作很完美. 我强烈推荐这个地方



我们有两条粗毛地毯和两只大狗,它们都有过好日子. COVID 19, my husband and I are in our house all the time now and really started to notice how bad of shape the rugs were in. 我打电话给澳门壹号游戏app-公司,他非常乐于助人. 整个装置都是非接触式的,而且价格不菲! 我绝对会推荐他们.



客服很棒,地毯也做得很好. 技术人员准时到场,非常专业. 价格也非常合理和公平. 已经用了好几年了. 强烈推荐.




我们从2006年开始营业. 过去10年, we have significantly improved our workmanship and have offered meticulous solutions.


Our 100% positive feedback from customers prove that we prioritize customer satisfaction.


By keeping your busy schedule in mind, a special “Same Day” service is provided by our experts.


We use environmentally friendly materials that are non-toxic; yet, clean the 污垢 efficiently!


We do not just offer the best services but our estimates are the least expensive that you’ll find in the area!


我们训练有素的员工都有保险、执照和担保. 我们所有的清洁工都非常积极地提供专业服务.


Your area rugs play a significant role in giving a quick lift in the curb appeal of your home and office. Daily or weekly spring cleaning on your own is good to keep your area and oriental rugs free from light specks of dust and 污垢.


然而, 当严重的污垢, 点, 污渍, 气味散发出来, 你需要雇佣一个专业的地毯清洁服务. 幸运的是, we at 澳门壹号游戏app is here to offer you adaptive and cost-efficient area rug cleaning without ruining your tight budget.

In general, there are around five types of rug cleaning processes that we employ in our service. 这些清洗方法包括蒸汽清洗, 洗头, 阀盖清洗, 干洗, 和封装.


Our rug cleaning specialists know what kind of cleaning protocols would fit for all rugs. 尽管如此, our best rug cleaning method for your delicate oriental and middle eastern rugs is hand washing. Handwashing with the help of green cleaning agents and rug cleaning machines will still make our oriental rug cleaning service highly efficient.


For your wool rug cleaning requirements, our cleaning experts will effectively handle it. We shall combine both hand washing and rug cleaning machine to make the cleaning process accurate.


只要你给我们打个电话,安排好你的约会,我们就会准时到达. Our technicians shall carefully inspect the condition of your rugs right on your side. 我们还会拍些照片以作记录.


在检查你的地毯之后, we shall take them into our van and bring them to our warehouse for thorough hand washing. We are using organic cleaning solutions that are friendly for your wool, oriental, and Persian rugs.


如果您要求去除污渍, 味道啊, 宠物的毛发, 和水损害, we shall include that in our rug cleaning service in Northern Virginia and Washington DC Metropolitan Area.


一旦所有的尘埃, 污垢, 并对污垢进行消毒, 我们将使用我们的工业空气输送机, 湿真空吸尘器, 还有可以缩短地毯干燥时间的除湿器. We shall do two final inspections for your cleaned rugs: one is at the warehouse; and the second will be in your place.


If you want to save yourself from the stress and hassle of weekend rug cleaning chores, 最好叫我们澳门壹号游戏app-. 当您随时拨打我们的热线电话时,我们会提供免费的估价.

一块小地毯可能会干上两到三个小时, 而, 大面积地毯可能需要一天的时间才能完全干燥. 在澳门壹号游戏app-, 我们使用大型空气输送机, 除湿机, and powerful 湿真空吸尘器 to efficiently dry your area rugs in the least amount of time.


We employ a modern rug cleaning machine and dryer system to keep up with your expectations and needs. Our rug cleaning protocols have abided with the standards of rug manufacturers and CDC.


如果你需要大车管所区域的专业地毯干洗服务, 你可以信赖我们澳门壹号游戏app-公司.

根据我们的经验和研究, the average time that your area rugs require deep-down cleaning is between twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months. 不过, 如果你的房子或办公室人流量大, 在12个月或18个月之前,你的小地毯可能会被严重弄脏.


幸运的是, you can have us 澳门壹号游戏app as your highly adaptive and oxygenated rug cleaning service near you. We have updated our rug cleaning equipment to make our rug sanitation services powerful and efficient.


We offer a full-range service of rug 干洗 for all types of rugs and carpets in your homes and business buildings.

A market study was conducted regarding the prices of rug cleaning services in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC Area. It was found out that most customers are paying about $50 to $350 on a 4’x8’ to 6’x10’ area rug.

按每平方英尺地毯的清洁费用计算,费用在1美元之间.50 to $8. Likewise, these rates can vary depending on the kind of rug cleaning method applied. 附加服务,如除臭, 有机污渍的去除, 宠物的毛发, 尿味儿, 修补水渍会增加地毯清洁服务的价格.

All our additional services are offered at a fair price and budget-light on your pocket. 我们的战略定价大大提高了我们的服务.

We at 澳门壹号游戏app understand your side of availing a cost-efficient rug 干洗 service. 与, we impose fair pricing that is more economical than the prevailing market rates in Northern Virginia.

当你打电话给我们, we will show you our rug cleaning price list and give you a free estimate of your need. 进一步, you can take advantage of the rug cleaning cost calculator present in some rug cleaning companies.



Book your recurring or one-time disinfection service online with instant confirmation.


添加说明,并通过借记卡或信用卡安全地在线支付. 没有现金,就没有担心.


放松和享受. 成为邻居们羡慕的对象.


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